Festival MACHN

Podium discussion, Lætitia Gorsy, Judy Lybke, Lucie Herrmann (moderation)
MACHN Festival
29.05.2024, 11:00, Creative Workshop Area (Werkschau) at Spinnerei Leipzig

What does it mean to exhibit art? How do you identify talent? And how does the market work at all?

Lætitia Gorsy is a passionate gallery owner of her own, still young gallery She BAM! in Leipzig's Spinnerei. Within this gallery, the Frenchwoman exclusively shows art by women to strengthen and redefine their role in the art market and also to make a passionate, long-overdue statement in the art world as a whole.

In 2018, she opened the smallest gallery on the Leipziger Spinnerei site, measuring 18m². There has been a lot of international resonance, extraordinary exhibition projects and recently even a second gallery address in Franz-Flemming-Straße. Since September 2023, Laetitia Gorsy has had a new exhibition space in the Spinnerei (180 m²).

The core of the gallery concept She BAM! is the exclusive representation of female artists. It defines itself as a large network, a platform for exhibitions and collaborations according to the principles of a classic, commercial art gallery. In addition, it supports female artists in the production of their works and all further steps of their careers. She BAM! believes in the importance of women creating spaces for other women, a continuity of sharing and a transfer of power, consistency and equality in the art market.

Spinnereistr. 7
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04179 Leipzig
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Gallery Laetitia Gorsy

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