Anna Nero 'Ride or Die'

solo exhibition

opening 27. + 28.04. 
Spinnerei Spring Galleries Tour 2024
on view until 30.05.2024

Anna Nero’s artistic practice revolves around exploring various painting techniques and the potential for image-making and representation. Her work navigates between strict geometrical forms and bold, spontaneous brush strokes, blending elements of structure and intuition. Nero often begins with systematic grids and patterns on her canvases, which serve as a foundation for subsequent layers of gestures and forms. Central to Nero’s inquiry is the transformation of paint into both object and space. She elevates the material to the forefront of her work, viewing it not just as a tool but as a subject with its agency. This approach is evident in her playful titles, such as ‘Strokes Trapped in A Grid’ and ‘Hostel’, which reflect her humoristic and ironic perspective. Nero enjoys incorporating references to art history in a postmodern fashion, adding a playful twist to her work.

Anna Nero earned her MFA from the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig in 2015, followed by post-graduate studies with professor Heribert C. Ottersbach. Her artwork has been showcased in solo exhibitions in the United States, Germany, and Italy and numerous group exhibitions worldwide. She is also involved in running the Frankfurt-based project and exhibition space MARS. In 2022, Nero was a guest professor at the Art Academy Mainz, Germany. Her pieces are featured in private and public collections across Europe and the United States, including notable institutions like G2 Kunsthalle, the Museum of Fine Art Leipzig, and the public art collections of various German cities. She is currently a guest professor at Burg Giebichenstein, in Halle.

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